how to cancel spotify premium on android

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If your subscription is through iTunes, please see … The only choice you have is to use the desktop method to access your account on a PC and then unsubscribe from there. You can cancel Spotify premium trial very easily. https://weblogue.net/how-to-cancel-your-spotify-premium-subscription Click “Change Plan.” You’ll see a list of all the available plans. If you’re wanting to set up a family account, you can do that, too, and save some cash in the process. But here are simple steps for … No matter how you subscribed for Spotify, you will get a confirmation email on the registered email id. Cancel Spotify Premium on Android: There is no way by which you can use the mobile application on an Android smartphone to unsubscribe Spotify’s premium subscription. A regular Spotify Premium account costs $9.99 per month. Tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen. "Note: If you subscribed through any other company than Spotify, you need to contact that company to cancel. Users can get rid of Spotify from their both Android or iOS by using this method. How to cancel Spotify Premium on a phone or tablet Currently, there isn’t a way to cancel Spotify Premium on an Android device. You can use this method on Smartphone or Windows PC/Laptops. It will completely wipe out all card details and other from Spotify account, and you will be able to stop premium services of Spotify. Scroll down to the “Spotify Premium” section, where you’ll see your next billing date and the credit card linked to your account. The procedure would be the same as that of browser users. Let's go straight to unsubscribe from the Spotify Premium service And that the truth, if you are one of those who likes music, its € 9,99 is worth every penny. How to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium. On the page that was opened, touch the “Cancel my subscription” button to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription on Android. Visit the Spotify website. ; Tap “Log in” and enter your Spotify user data. Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZREPxCeJ_m0 You can cancel it through your browser on Android You can cancel Spotify Premium on an Android device if you no longer want to pay for the service. You can cancel Spotify Premium on an Android device if you no longer want to pay for the service. You can directly stop Spotify from charging you on your account. In the “Spotify Free” section, click “Cancel Premium.” On the next screen, click “Yes, Cancel” to … From the drop-down menu, touch the “Subscription” link. The Android device users will have to launch Spotify website on their Android in order to cancel the premium subscription.

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